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The Manifold Blog Community (“IT DEN”) is a peer-to-peer channel to help you find answers, engage us with your IT related challenges, solve problems, get the most out of your existing IT assets and keep you abreast of IT trends.

Many would wonder why this is coming up at a time like this. When the first generation of computers came out in 1940 with the use of vacuum tubes for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory, not many who saw the computers occupy an entire room would have imagined it would be possible one day to carry it in their hands anywhere today. The success story took time with innovations like Transistors (1956-1963), Integrated Circuits (1964-1970), and Microprocessors from 1971 till date.

With Computer Hardware, Consumable wholesale and retailing business beginning step in 1990, Manifold Computers in 2001 re-engineered and launched into end-to-end IT solution including hardware, software, network infrastructure, systems integration and provision of mission-critical IT solutions. Change they say is the only constant thing in life. Little wonder the computer world is not still satisfied with the present Microprocessors thus moving beyond the present with the use of parallel processing and superconductors to make artificial intelligence a reality. Little wonder Microsoft keeps upgrading its products. Manifold is also thinking ahead with the introduction of Manifold Blog Community –to bridge the space between you and us.

As a member of Manifold Family (“my manifold”), this is only one of the new initiatives in place to get closer to you, our esteemed customers -to share your office challenges by providing steps to resolve it, be your virtual office friend and to extend our support with free tips and innovations on how to become a leader in your field.

Just as a market place is moving to market space, the workplace is moving to the workspace: taking advantage of the internet and networks like Manifold Blog Community. There are so many companies who are yet to get to the peak of the Transforming power of Information Technology. Information Technology has indeed changed the world.  But has it changed your office? Are you allowing the change? Maybe stuck due to the challenges you have to face daily in your office?

Share your story with us. Take advantage of this platform to grow your business. You will see some community members have a moderator or administrator logo next to their names. These folks' primary purpose is to answer your questions and respond to your request.

Let us know your take and how this space can serve you better.